Safety information prevent fraud

The user interested in any machinery or equipment posted on the page, should be especially careful if the price is very cheap compared with other published machinery. It could be a fraud and the absence of the machine which is detailed in the advertisement. So we recommend. Do not give neither a price in advance nor all of it as even though it very attractive the offer may be a fraud.

If you are interested in any equipment published on the website, must be careful and always check the seller's contact details are as accurate as possible. by these tips helps any user interested, whatever be prudent to make a purchase because is not responsibility for it.

If you detect a suspected advertisement in on price, please let the mail contact know, which at legal terms indicated.

Never send money in advance, since the machinery or equipment can not exist or the seller's identity may not be real.

If the seller does not respond your posting on the website or does not answer emails sent to it, may be the page information is not real, you do not make any transfer and make sure in advance, should be as careful and prudent as possible.

Any agreement that interested users can get the seller should be as clear as possible about the features and price of machinery and equipment should always be in a language understandable.

If you are not sure with the seller and the suggestion seems suspected you must look for your own transportation service and funding, as this will ensure good service and safety. If you know the carrier can be confident that the service is performed.

The user / purchaser should be sure the machine has enough documentation before buying. Also ensure that the identity numbers that are put in the documentation with the computer you want to buy. If at the time of delivery of the machine have questions about the kilometers or any technical data, take it to that before revision.

Reponsibility exemption of MinuteMachine

MinuteMachine does not involve in the contract between seller and buyer, agreements are between the user who publishes "seller" and "buyer".

MinuteMachine does not responsible for any fraudulent act that can exist.

MinuteMachine, does not buy or sell any of the equipment listed on the web.

MinuteMachine can not guarantee the authenticity of customers, users or used equipment, or verify the information published..

MinuteMachine also recommended. read the general conditions and privacy policy.

It is recommended that the user never pay in advance to prevent any fraud. Sending identity documents, passports, etc. .. or sent electronically scanned does not guarantee complete safety, as it may be false.

The same can happen with account numbers, as this type of fraud can be very frequent also in the case of money transfers. Be especially careful when making any transfer. For this reason has recommended does not to pay in advance any computer.

MinuteMachine recommend checking any personal information before making a transfer.


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